The Quiet Mind White Eagle Pdf

The quiet mind white eagle pdf

Have confidence in that divine love which holds you close. In other words, let go, surrender, lay down your problems. There is nothing to fear except fear. Pray to be the master in the lodge of your own being.

They know that you have something which is helpful and good. We suggest that you start by taking yourselves in hand and asserting your mastership over the details of everyday life.

The Quiet Mind White Eagle

Keep bravely, courageously and hopefully on with your life, knowing that you are placed in the position that you hold through your past karma. Then there will be a change in the position and all will go smoothly. Think of life as a vast whole. Then the weariness of the flesh will fall away from you, because by your own inner effort you are transmuting those dark atoms into light.

Flowers open to perfection slowly in the Sun. Pray to the God within you for help, and you need have no fear at all about your power to accomplish your given work. Your loved one is by your side. There is nothing more important than to keep the Christ light burning within.

The wise person does not argue, but remains silent and goes quietly on their path, concerned only with learning to follow in the footsteps of their Master. We would remind you very tenderly that you pay too much attention to earthly values. If you are sick in body, weary in mind, despondent and hopeless, turn your thoughts away from yourself. White Eagle speaks, not from a remote height, but as one who himself trod this way when on earth, through many, many lives. The title is from White Eagle's own words in Grace Cooke's book meditation.

When you respect the soul of your brother or sister you respect their life in every way. May the channel open wide and the light flood through!

May all tiredness and weariness be dispelled by the inflowing life- giver, the Sun! Knowing there is no other, then meekly follow that path and trust in the great and glorious Spirit. But peace is far more than this, it can only be understood and realized within your heart. None can do the work of another.

Therefore thank God for the trials and heartaches, which are disciplining your soul until it becomes able to comprehend and absorb the beauty of the heavenly life. Believe that good will come, that the best is coming, and it will. Each must do his or her own work. Always put into operation the forces of construction.

Learn to submit to the divine will, for God's will is all-wise. Look into that form of glorious colour, that radiant life, and you will feel infinite power flowing into your personality. Be thankful, for thankfulness also casts out all fear. As this love fills your heart and mind, every atom, every cell of your body will be filled with perfect life. Your spirit is part of God, and all knowledge lies within you.

So it has been the obvious choice for our first White Eagle publication in a special edition for readers in developing countries. Such a glorious opportunity stretches before each one of you.

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You on earth do not always know what that time is, but if you will follow the guidance of the spirit, waiting patiently for a clear indication for action, then you will be guided aright. When you think of him, remember the twinkling eyes, the tender humour and the wise understanding!

Be untiring in your work, but depend not on your own strength. You stand before your Master awaiting his or her orders. First, tranquillity of spirit.

One soul can help the whole world. If you endeavour to raise the Christ within you, you help to raise all human kind. Then you will rise in consciousness. It is true that you must accept divine law, but divine law is merciful, and the love of the Christ growing in your heart can release your soul from bondage.

The quiet mind white eagle pdf

You will receive help as you ask, not with your mind, but in the depths of your being, quietly. If you would contact your true self, write great essays peter levin pdf go into a place of quiet to commune with your Creator in your heart.

The quiet mind white eagle pdfThe quiet mind white eagle pdf