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Stuff chops with bread mixture. There is a Pressure Cooking group on Yahoo that has numerous manuals, tips, and recipes. If you prefer your vegetables soft, cook them the maximum amount of time indicated. Soak beans overnight in water to cover.

Pressure may then build to unsafe levels. After cleaning, place Pressure Control on top of Vent Tube.


Stir bacon and onion into beans. This is normal and not dangerous. Clean the exterior occasionally with silver polish.

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Let canner continue to cool. Flake fish and discard skin. Check to make sure the spring is set by pressing from the outside with your thumbs as shown in Fig. Do not blanch in a pressure canner. Never taste food you think has spoiled.

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Morganware Pressure Cooker Manuals

Some states do not allow the inclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above exclusions may not apply to you. Wipe rim of jars clean and close lids according to manufactures directions.

Did you ever find the book? It is normal for steam to escape and a slight amount of moisture leakage to form on the cover and between the handles when cook- ing first begins. Select fresh, firm not overripe product. Always use genuine replacement parts.

Stiffness or shrinkage is caused by pressure, heat and age. The Pressure Control will rock or jiggle when the cooker reaches its pressure. Place metal lids in hot or boiling water as directed by manufacturer.

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If this product becomes defective within the warranty period, Mirro will repair it or replace it. Mirro is still in business as part of the Wearever group. Now, carter reed pdf we just made some terrific beef stock and the old Mirro-matic M worked flawlessly. With the pressure down the cover will turn open smoothly.

Keep jars covered with hot water until filled. Wash it thoroughly after each use. Gradually stir into Creole. If you do not see steam, the hissing is air entering the canner. Cut fish into individual servings.

Morganware Pressure Cooker Manuals

Brown chops in fat in cooker. That way if anyone references this thread missing their manual they'll have a place to go for one. Follow general directions for operation of cooker.

Position trivet in cooker. In a new cooker, the gasket is dry and often very snug fitting. Overfilling the cooker can plug the vent tube causing a release of scalding steam from the overpressure devices. Read instructions for ordinary pressure cooking before you attempt to use your cooker or canner for canning.

Mirro Pressure Cooker & Canners Instructions Manual

Add mushrooms, mushroom-water mixture and remaining ingredients except sour cream to cooker. See How to Open and Close. Add parsley, pimento, tomatoes, water and salt. Do not add liquid, as that would require reprocessing. To resume cooking, turn off the heat, cool the cooker and open.

Pack hot food fairly loosely. Pressing down on the cover with one hand, while you close the cooker with the other will often help. No, create an account now.

Practice this operation several times until you master it. To Open To open, turn the lid counterclockwise, Fig.

Evinox Pressure Cooker Manuals

Read all instructions before using your pressure cooker. How To Use How To use To assure the very best results every time, carefully follow these step-by-step instructions for pressure cooking. Cover with boiling liquid. To check the spring compression, push on the pin with your finger to depress it and slide your finger off.