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These comparators use a linear scale that can be easily understood. This variation is measured by a suitable pressure gauge. These instruments usually have many moving linkages as compared to the other type of comparators. Optical magnification offers a high degree of precision measuring. If one of the hole is kept uniform, the pressure will change according to the size of the other.

Different Types of Comparators with Thier Working

Beyond this joint extends a pointer or target. It consists of a water tank filled up to a certain level and a dip tube immersed into it upto required depth. Solex Pneumatic gauge Solex type of gauge employs a water manometer for the indication of back pressure.

Tasha Guthrie Have you ever heard of taking paid surveys on the internet before? This will cause to change in intermediate pressure, and will change in the manometer reading. The main advantages of these comparators are no moving parts, sensitivity and accuracy over long periods. By revolving the workpiece around the measuring gauge, the roundness or concentricity of the bore can be checked.

Comparators ppt

Different Types of Comparators and its Applications

In actual instruments, one pair of inductances takes the form of a pair of coils in the measuring head of the instrument. This arrangement provides a frictionless movement of the spindle.

If only a fixed scale in used with a moving pointer then with high magnifications, a small range is obtained. When the front reflection type mirror is used, then it needs huge care in its use to avoid the damage to the shiny surfaces.

Different Types of Comparators with Thier WorkingAuthorSTREAMMechanical Comparator

Mechanical Comparators In Mechanical type, the required magnification is obtained by using mechanical linkages, levers, gears and other mechanical devices. Mechanical comparators are classified into four types such as. Further, the mechanical movement which is amplified by an optical system connecting the outcrop an image. On the other hand, electrical comparators possess a minimum number of moving parts, manorama yearbook 2014 pdf thus we can expect a high degree of reliability from these instruments. The working of the electrical comparator is described below.

Since mechanical comparators actuated by gears, levers, rack and pinion etc. The dial scale is set to zero by use of slip gauges representing the basic size of the part. Disadvantages of pneumatic Comparator Gives low speed of response when compared to others.

These instruments usually have limited range of measurement, as the pointer moves over a fixed scale. The plunger is mounted on a pair of slit diaphragms in order to have frictionless linear movement. It requires elaborate auxiliary equipment such as accurate pressure regulator. The displacement of the bubble along the scale represents twice the difference in height between the two gauges. Types of comparators are categorized into several kinds, namely electronic, electrical, optical, mechanical, sigma, pneumatic and digital comparators.

Different Types of Comparators and its ApplicationsDifferent Types of Comparators and its Applications

Go to Application Have a question? The moving block and the fixed block are connected by flexible strips at right angles to each other. The whole arrangement is housed in a metal case for its protection.

Vertical movements of the plunger are transmitted to an armature, which in turn is suspended by thin metal strips. In mechanical-optical comparator, a small dislocation of the measuring plunger is first amplified by a mechanical system comprising of pivoted levers. Classification Mechanical Comparator. The first application was the checking of the bores of motor-car cylinder blocks.

It is a differential transformer which provides an A. The principle of operation of an electrical comparator is shown in Fig. These plunger movements are magnified, by lever and deflect the pointer on a graduated scale. An Electrical comparator employs electrical means to get the magnification. Thus, the reflected image is not defined well, the two images.

It has usually very small number of moving parts and in some cases none. These are used widely in analog to digital converters. The standard S and the gauge to be compared G are now wrung to the disc, and the ball feet are made to rest on them as shown in fig. It is also difficult to incorporate arrangement for adjusting magnification.

Thus the accuracy is more due to less friction and less inertia. If the induced current is too small then it should be amplified before displaying in the meter. Since the part to be checked does not comes in contact of measuring probe and hence no wear takes place on the gauging probe.

Different Types of Comparators and its Applications

Vertical reed is attached to each block with upper ends joined together. The offered machine is available in diverse technical specifications as per the need of our clients.

Disadvantages of Mechanical Comparators Less accuracy, due to more moving parts, friction reduces accuracy. Dial is graduated into divisions. Comparators play a vital role in making electrical and electronic projects.