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If you don't succeed on your first attempt, don't give up. Your endeavor will have to be approved before you proceed further. Limca Book of Records is an annual reference book published in India documenting human and natural world records. Which country did Miss Universe belong to? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

It was initially created as for the Limca line of soft drinks which has been purchased by the Coca Cola company. Know the questions asked in previous Limca Book of Records Quiz in other cities.

Limca Book of Records Quiz Questions and Answers

The book continued to be published by Coca-Cola. Asia Book of Records Publisher. Caribou Coffee Costa Coffee Georgia illy.

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Limca Book of Records 2017

Limca Book of Records 2017

There are many more quizzes on lane, you can go for them. He likes to write on wide range of topics varying from Blogging Tips to Technology with an aim of bringing a live discussion for webmasters.

This time I have another chance, so do you have some more suggestions? As the sports achievers special edition, it pays special tribute to the Indian sportspersons in the Commonwealth Games and Asian Games. Best of luck for the Finals. By the way I browsed through some of your posts and find that they are quite informative and enjoyable.

An intensive household survey conducted by the Telangana government in August has entered into the Limca Book of Records. For those who are yet to participate in the upcoming Limca Book of Records Quiz I have a few suggestions. Our team will inform you by email when Download-free-Limca-Book-of-Recordspdf-ebook.

Haryana girl on a solo limda ride from Gujarat to Nepal. Who is the opposition leader in Rajya Sabha?

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Flight distance record Flight altitude record Ocean depth record Flight endurance record Boundary of space. Did you know that the record for the highest bungee jump is held by a year-old man from Delhi?

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It archives and celebrates the unique achievements of Indians in fields as wide-ranging as culture to nature and education to sports. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Reply Nops, the questions are usually a mixmatch of general knowledge, history and geography. It has a huge emotional, societal and cultural connect. Madhavan Nair also participated in this event. Do go for pictures too as those would be helping you if you reach top six teams. Reply swap ur brain with some quizmaster Reply swap ur brain with some quizmaster Reply hey.

The Limca Book of Records annual world record reference book is now published with the patronage of Coca-Cola India which manufactures the soft drink Limca. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

Heaviest Oldest Tallest Shortest. It was launched with the objective of providing a platform to ordinary Indians to showcase their talent in their search for excellence. This time the quiz is in Semi Final stage Dhruv. At my age you are such a talented fellow. Japan Palestinian territories Philippines.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Tallest structures Category on tallest structures. With this special edition, it has yet again charted another era of human innovativeness and excellence within its covers.

The longer serving head of the city belongs to which country? Columbia Pictures TriStar Pictures. Pune's Pheonix Library the first in city to get a Limca Record.

You can join our newsletter by entering your details in the newsletter given in right sidebar on the website and then confirm your subscription by clicking on the link provided in the welcome mail. Reply Do go through the questions asked in various cities as I noticed they did coincide previous year. As soon as the quiz was over, soft drinks were thrown open to the students and back to the hall results were announced. Have someone take video or photos, spanish phrase book pdf or you can send written documentation such as newspaper articles.

Limca Book Of Records Latest News Photos Videos on Limca Book Of Records

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What is the first name of the person called Kisan Baburao? But according here on your blog, you were able to answer the questions and even provided us woth the key answers.

Limca Book of Records Quiz Questions and Answers

Notify me of new posts by email. It is befitting that the new edition of Limca Book of Records has chosen to pay a tribute to women achievers who have played an integral role in making a positive difference to society. This time it was one of his associates who was to conduct the quiz.