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It's a wonderful place to drink coffee and to eat in restaurants. Expect to go through Israeli check-point on the way via Ramallah. You won't be able to stop eating. In the way of a more laid-back alternative bar scene, crawl around the closely nestled joints centered around the corner of Heleni HaMaika and Monobaz.

Basics of the Jerusalem Light Rail

Click on the checkbox next to a route to select it, and it will appear on the map. See Jerusalem has an amazing array of attractions for the traveler to see.

Using the Bus & Light Rail in Jerusalem

Qastel - Remains from Israel's independence war, that shows a tunnels and few remains of Crusader fortress that used also to be the house of the village's mukhatar. Insist that the driver turns on the meter Mo-neh. Judaica is also a popular choice of purchase. Avoid any confrontations between locals. Jordanian tourist visas aren't given at Allenby Bridge.

Car rental on OrangeSmile. This is caused by the lack of any official bus route maps, and to the fact that bus routes and numbers tend to change rapidly. Below is a summarized overview of which bus to take to get from certain places to other places.

When going to the Western Wall it is quite common to see soldiers praying. They depart when full, or an hour after the first passenger boards, whichever is first. Although extremely rare, some locals may carry xenophobic attitudes and ask foreigners to leave the area near their home.

This article or section does not match our manual of style or needs other editing. This is quite common because of the historical and religious importance the Western Wall has to the Jewish People. You may pay in change or bills. The Old City has a diverse mix of small hotels, religious hospices and cheap hostels that might appeal to the traveller.

The regular travel times on other days of the week can be found at the light rail website citypass. Then turn right on Elyashar street and follow it to the left.

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To minimize risk, however, normal precautions apply. The following are some of the must-sees.

The League of Nations, through its ratification of the Balfour Declaration, entrusted the United Kingdom to administer the Mandate of Palestine and help establish a Jewish homeland in the region. The description here refers solely to West Jerusalem the jewish part. Shephelah - region with many Christian Monasteries and Archaeological sites. This entertainment complex is very large and beautiful.

Most people throughout the city speak sufficient English for communication. In the Jewish sections of the city almost everything is kosher. Being near the desert, there is often a big difference between the day and night temperatures, and even the hottest days can turn into chilly nights.

You can read about its history here. There are no Israeli sherut lines within Jerusalem unlike most Israeli cities. But eventually, everyone lives together, and sit down beside each other when they eat, or when they are waiting for the doctor, they put their idelogies aside. Our guide chapters over Jerusalem Traditions and mentality of Jerusalem Jerusalem is a city which is characterized by a particular rhythm of life.

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Flying into Ben Gurion is a far closer and easier option, unless your town happens to have a direct and inexpensive Ryanair or Wizzair connection to Ovda. Definitely worth a visit, especially the western wall.

From the train station there are several buses to destinations in and around Jerusalem. It is also near Jaafar - Jerusalem most renowned sweets store. Kikar Hamusica is the new, femme nu pdf ambitious and largest urban renewal and development project located in the downtown area of jerusalem.

Transport in Jerusalem

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Construction is progressing on parts of a kilometer mi ring road around the city, fostering faster connection between the suburbs and the city center. Be on time - they don't wait. The period of the First Temple was marked by the division of the United Monarchy at the time of Solomon's death c.

You have the right to see all of Jerusalem, but moving along to another area will resolve the situation. Namespaces Page Discussion. Due to the mixture of religions, tensions can sometimes be high. The City of David water tunnels tour is interesting. There is also wireless internet in the food court of the central bus station and in most chain coffee shops.