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Application These cylinders are used as lifting and clamping cylinders in machine and fixture building. These cylinders can be arranged in a clamping bar. Material Handling Material handling clamps are clamping mechanisms used to hold heavy material as it is being lifted or manipulated. Pipe and Tube Hangers are devices used for hanging or securing pipes.

Too small a rise is also not desirable which poses troubles when work piece varies in size. Special sizes and longer strokes available on request. Multiple piping can be eliminated. Other clamps, such as bar or squeeze clamps, are useful for gluing up laminated assemblies and the like. Hose clamps hold hoses on the ends of pipe spuds.

Clamps for laboratory glassware can be found by searching under intended application the glassware type, be it flask, beaker, etc. This type of clamp is often required when it is necessary to move both the clamp and the bolt completely out of the way for the loading of component. The stud length may be increased as required. If however, the movement of the clamp is necessary, then only positively guided movement should be employed.

Commercially available chucks and vises with slight modifications of jaws to suit the job can be used for a variety of applications. For non-magnetic parts, vacuum chucks are suited. In this arrangement, the length of the levers should be approximately such that equal pressure is applied by each clamp at its clamping position.

SlideShare Explore Search You. Cable clamps hold cables or cords together and secure them. Large angel self-releasing wedges are used where large movement is required.

Blank vise jaws and blank chuck jaws can be easily modified to suit practically every clamping need. Quick acting knobs are made so that when pressure is released, they can be tilted and slid off a stud, Refer Fig.

For other materials, mechanical devices have to be used along-with magnetic chucks. Manual devices include hexagonal nuts, hand knobs, and cams Refer Fig. Can also be used for positioning, supporting, lifting and pulling. Beam clamps are used to suspend pipe hangers from overhead I-beams, and in another version, isuzu npr service manual pdf suspend lifting hoists from overhead beams. Movement beyond this high centre position automatically loosens the clamp.

The threaded body makes the cylinder easy to install. Pneumatic Swing Cylinders are used for light clamping when it is necessary to keep the clamping area clear for unrestricted loading and unloading of work pieces. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website.

The component is used over a locating pin and the clamping plate is swung into position under the nut. Cable clamps are used for affixing cables to walls, etc. What does clamping mean in context of jigs and fixtures? Pull cylinders are similar in size and construction to Swing Cylinders.

High size to force ratio compared to conventional cylinders. There are many styles and sizes available as well as a variety of materials depending on the type of pipe being hung and the environment.

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Application Suitable for mounting close together. Extensively used where height is a constraint.

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It pertains to the torque requirements of the screw, bolts, etc. The basic eccentric cam locks when the cam reaches its high centre position. General type without much consideration of the speed of clamping operations. You can change your ad preferences anytime. Clamping Device purpose is to hold work in the correct relative position in the fixture and to ensure that the job is not displaced under cutting forces.

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Application Extensively used where height is a constraint. Key specifications include the clamp type, diameter, and material. Often they incorporate a gripping or latching mechanism that uses the suspended weight of the plate, beam, etc. The knob is slid over the stud until it contacts the part.

Cable clamps are used primarily in manufacturing to assist with routing cables or cords and securing them. Key specifications include the cable diameter, mounting hole diameter, and the material. Vertical swing cylinders are used for clamping where it is necessary to keep the clamping area clear for unrestricted loading and unloading of work pieces. Many materials and sizes are available with various mountings for ensuring a proper and secure fit of cable bundles.

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Single Acting, Spring return. Suitable for short stroke clamping applications. Generally the clamp is made integral with the hinged lid. Application Hydraulic Swing Cylinders are used for clamping where it is necessary to keep the clamping area clear for unrestricted loading and unloading of work pieces. The locators should resist the bulk of the thrust.

Flat eccentric cams are easiest to make and can operate in either direction from their centre position. The clamping strap is connected to the piston rod by a linkage mechanism. These are widely used for jigs and fixtures.

When retracted, the pivots and levers are positioned as shown in Fig. The efficiency of the screw clamp can be improved by using swing clamps, hook clamps and quick acting knobs. The compression springs beneath the clamps are provided to clamp up against the nut to free the operator from the necessity of picking up the clamp and manoeuvering it over the work. Vacuum chucks equalize the clamping pressure over the entire clamping surface.

To prevent this movement, the clamp is always positioned such that work is pushed into the locators when pressure is applied. Clamps used with laboratory glassware are included here as well.