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Classification of steels, mild steel and alloy steels. Grab the exposed spring and give it a tug. Speed Square is actually a trademarked name, but like Kleenex, it is often used as the generic name for this class of tool.

The supports should be placed along the workpiece so it does not sag. Sir, are you just forget to mention or those subjects are actually not in the syllabus?

Send this to a friend Your email Recipient email Send Cancel. The Screen Calipers have a unique advantage over other on screen rulers due to their unique shape. Should this ever occur, stand clear and allow the saw blade to come to a complete stop.

Consider buying a few pieces of scrap pipe or tubing to use for practice. Classic Work, the YouTuber who did the above speed square basics video, also has a video demonstrating how to frame rafters with a speed square. Pictured on the right are three additional skins that come with the program.

Working of various electronic devices e. Release the saw arm by pulling out the locking pin. This will provide enough clearance to insert the tubing and begin setting the bend radius. Help answer questions Learn more.

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Make sure the tube is perfectly aligned with the groove in the rounded bender die. Keep this manual available for future reference. Concepts of flux, mmf, reluctance, Different kinds of magnetic materials, Magnetic calculations for conductors of different configuration e. Never aim the beam at any person or an object other than the work piece.

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Drawing a series of lines can also make it easier to keep track of each bend point you need to make multiple or compound bends. The above video shows one example of how to use a speed square for finding rafter pitches. The low- er blade guard is attached to the saw for your protection. Explaining the entire process for doing this quickly becomes too convoluted for this overview. The tube is now ready to be fitted or soldered to another pipe.

Press down on the grooved thumb section of the latch until it comes to a stop in the down position. Slide the tapered end of the spring into one of the openings of the tube until it begins to emerge from the opposite end. Tighten the bevel lock knob to secure the saw head. To easily scribe a rip or trim line along a board, you simply hold your pencil in the desired notch and run the fence along the edge of the board to make an accurate mark down its length. Lock the saw arm in the down position by pushing in the locking pin.

Conventional Protractor

If you want to double-check your work, you can use a protractor to confirm that the angle of the bend is accurate. Rotate the fence until the protractor is flush over its entire length. This is accomplished by use of the main protractor and two specialty protractor angle guides on the inside of the tool. Four bolt holes have been provided in the saw base one in each corner for mounting purposes. Use a felt-tipped marker to draw one or more lines along the top of the tube.

Screen Compass Measure circular or polygonal areas on your screen with the digital draftsman's tool. As you do, convert .vce to .pdf the pressure will cause the tubing to wrap around the circular bender die.

Did this article help you? Electromagnetic induction, self and mutual induction. When cutting long workpieces, Fig. Safety symbols in this manual are used to flag possible dangers.

Always wear safety goggles or safety glasses with side shields during power tool operations, or when blowing dust. Direct and bending stresses, slope and deflection, fixed beam, continuous beam, moment distribution method, columns. Always perform a dry run cut so you can determine if the operation being attempted is possible before power is applied to miter saw. Read and understand all instructions.

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Tests, Losses and efficiency. If necessary, slide the tube further into the unit so that the intended bend point is in position at the corresponding bend angle listed on the faceplate of the bender die. He wanted to create a device to make it easier to quickly determine roof pitches.

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This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Environmental pollution and control, public water supply, domestic sewage, solid waste management, environmental sanitation, and plumbing. Stress and strain, shear force and bending moment, moment of inertia, stresses in beams, analysis of trusses, strain energy. Stanley has the manual for their QuickSquare online and I found a public copy of the Swanson Speed Square manual see links below.

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