Carver Cascade 2 Manual Pdf

When switching on from cold green light only comes on and stays on. Clip the cable securely to the caravan structure and ensure that the cable is long enough to allow partial withdrawal of the heater through the caravan wall for servicing. Before commencing any work on the caravan disconnect the battery and isolate the caravan from the mains supply.

Secure the inner walls to the lining with panel pins. Check for wiring fault and replace fuse. Fix the cowl into position on the flange using the four stainless steel screws.

The Website shall not be liable for any damage or difficulty, direct or indirect, arising from utilization of the information contained within these pages. Place the pump in a full container of water. Ensure the caravan is isolated from the mains supply before starting any work.

The heater is automatically switched off until the voltage is high enough. To clear air from the gas lines, several repetitions may be required. Check wiring from wall switch to caravan supply.

Carver cascade 2 manual pdf

This amount is subject to change until you make payment. These are the large pipe supplying gas to the control valve and the smaller one feeding gas from the valve to the burner. Power not reaching heater. This indicates that the water heater is full.


Continuous water flow from cowl when pump is operated. Pass the prepared end through the cable entry and under the cable clamp. Connect the heater to the caravan gas system via, an approved isolating valve.

Multi-pin plug disconnected at wall switch or heater. Indicator light on isolating switch alight. Charge up caravan battery. Ensure that the template is square to the caravan body.

CARVER CASCADE 2 MANUAL PDF DOWNLOADCarver cascade 2 manual pdf

Heater does not operate Battery condition low causing pump to run slowly. Ensure that the polarity of the wiring to the wall switch is correct. Therefore run the cable to the wall switch location before drilling any holes. Remote controller with indicator lights, supplied with heater. The administrator has disabled public write access.

No continuous water flow from cowl when pump as running. Turn on the hot taps and wait until the water flows from the taps, this will indicate that the heater is full of water. Frequently Asked Questions. Poor connection at multi-pin plug in wall switch or on heater.

Drill the holes to the sizes shown on the template. Indicator light on isolating switch not alight.

If green and red lights show after approx. Ensure that the bottom of the template, i. Use a silicone sealant to seal the lining to the inner and outer walls. Heater does not operate No fail light. Turn on the gas supply at the cylinder and leak test the gas system using soapy water or other approved methods.

Carver cascade 2 manual pdfCarver cascade 2 manual pdf

Turn on the gas at the cylinder and at the isolating valve. This can also be a problem with a non return valve which is fitted to the water inlet to the heater being jammed. Unless I use quotes, All advice and opinions given are my own and are given in good faith.

Stirling Scotland, United Kingdom. Pull out arid reinsert plugs. Check and charge battery, If not successful. The drill should pass through the inner and outer walls.

Carver cascade 2 manual pdf


Switch on the volt supply to the heater. Check connection from caravan wiring to wall switch.

Secure the hoses to the connecters using suitable pipe clips. Red light comes on after about mins. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply so comprehensively and in a straightforward manner, Janual really appreciate it. Connect the heater cable to the fused outlet supply. The cold inlet incorporates a non-return valve.

Allow enough length on the hose to make the connection to the heater through hole in the wall of the caravan see fig. The use of silicone sealant is to prevent water from entering the walls and floor of the caravan. This is usually due to failure of the gas supply or, in the case of a new installation, air in the gas pipes. However, in order to stop acrver profiting to excess, I have had to alter my website. Intake of flue obstructed.

If fault persists consult your Carver approved dealer. Fuses not in place or blown. Prepare the end of the cable as shown in fig. It is controlled by a switch, often close by and at floor level, convert .vce to .pdf but again sometimes farver part of a remote control panel.

Use the search box below to find anything on Thomson Caravans History and Information. Purge pipe by switching off and on again. The data badge is located on the bulkhead behind the flue cowl or on the outside of the bulkhead to the left hand side when viewed from the rear. Where a pressure switch is used temperature fluctuations can be expected when showering. Accepted, Eligibility for PayPal Credit is determined at checkout.

The volt wall switch should be located in a position convenient for easy operation by the user. Ensure that the drill is kept square to the wall. Mains immersion heater does not operate. The heaters are suitable for installation into caravans complying with B. The finished hole size should be mm x mm.


The bedding locker lid may form the top of the enclosure and to give access to the isolating valve. Low battery voltage or inadequate pump wiring. Battery condition low causing pump to run slowly.