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As always, Burroway does a great job teaching the nuts and bolts of good writing, and her own writing is clear and clean and interesting. While I think nobody explains elements of craft better than Janet Burroway, overall I was pretty disappointed with this textbook. Entire books can be written on a single form, which means that this book has to gloss over certain things.

The second part explores the contribution of literature to the shaping of the roles of authors, readers and patrons in the field of literary production. They discover something that causes trouble. But whatever, I don't really care. The first is that it is not always clear how the pieces of writing at the end of the chapter form examples of what has just been discussed. Username Password Forgot your username or password?

The exercises are very useful and the explanations of the various categories are detailed and useful as well. This textbook discusses elements of craft common to all creative writing before delving into the individual genres. Replace the others, working toward the specific, the precise, and the concrete. It not only gives information about the language as a whole, but also about the differences between spoken and written English, and between different spoken and written varieties of the language.

Between the exercises, the example literature at the ends of chapters, and the detailed appendix, there really isn't much time to spend on any particular genre. Nearly half of the selections in all four genres are new. You don't know the facts, don't understand the process or the equipment, aren't clear on the history or the statistics, don't know the definition. The creative work in the book is good as well, and diverse, but I feel more comfortable teaching the work I already know. What I didn't expect was for the textbook to influence the order I taught the genres I'm expected to teach as much as it did.

Open Preview See a Problem? Pick and choose what stories and exercises work for you and its a great tool.

Make sure that you begin with a wide sweep and end with a tight focus. State your central subject or idea in a single sentence. Indispensable for teachers, students and everyone concerned with the future of literature. Who is standing where to tell the story to whom? For a fan of literature as opposed to a practitioner, there's also a lot to enjoy here, with a feast of short fiction, essays, poems, and plays used as examples.

Nobody Dies in the Spring. Worry about saying things as clearly, precisely, and vividly as you can. It covers techniques of fiction writing, creative non fiction, poetry and drama. Whereas previous books have in general given frequency information about the written language only, this book provides information on both speech and writing.

Pick a scene from your journal. Excellent smart overview of writing fiction and memoir, written with the college student in mind. Peggy Balwin - creative writing class text. At the end of each chapter, there are short stories, short pieces of creative non fiction, poems and short drama scripts. Book Description Prentice Hall.

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Write a two-page story about a journey. Each has half of something that is no good without the other half.

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It definitely helped me hone my skills. It's an easy enough textbook to follow, and the professor did a good job quizzing us on the things that mattered.

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Imaginative Writing Burroway, Janet. We did jump around but the format was such that we didn't have to go too line For my Intro to Creative Writing course. All in all, this is a wonderfully comprehensive text which can be used at both the introductory and advanced levels in teaching creative writing. Which is saying a lot, baby and child care dr.benjamin spock pdf considering I'm almost graduated.

It's weakness is that it covers four different genres. Begin with a very small, close image. Identify something in a piece that you aren't sure about. An online manual in Collaborative Exercises offering the instructor a variety of right-brain exercises drawn from various disciplines.

But overall, a very helpful tool for teaching an intro to creative writing course. If it is not an answerable question, you'll find much more written about it. What does it have in it's pockets? It is a bit general, but good for any new writer to take a look at.

This is a good beginners read for writers. If you're interested in creating a cost-saving package for your students, contact your Pearson rep. Paperback Burroway, Janet.

This book is a contribution to the new field of literary studies which is informed by book history and takes interest in the intersection of the ideal and material aspects of literature. Make notes in your journal.

Imaginative Writing Janet Burroway author. Imaginative Writing Paperback Janet Burroway. The Elements of Craft by Janet Burroway.

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Check with the seller prior to purchase. Integrated readings from talented and renowned writers illustrate the chapter topics.