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Blank detail specification. Provided that the uncertainty associated with such an estimate is taken into account, the Engineer may use such data for the checks on the structure without having to undertake in-situ testing. Psikologi Perkembangan Anak dan Remaja. Noise emitted by machinery and equipment.

In the structure, the compaction is such that there is likely to be some excess voids over that found in a test specimen. Measurement of emission sound pressure levels at a work station and at other specified positions.

As these techniques are not defined in the European standard, it is permitted to describe these techniques in a complementary British Standard. Generally, the concrete is weaker on the upper sections, particularly with columns, and stronger at the base of a section. Learn how we and our ad partner Google, collect and use data.

Taking more than one sample at a test location, e. The following is a simple method based on taking twenty measurements on the element under investigation and twenty from a reference element. Telecommunications Industry Association. Due to the uncertainties associated with investigating unknown structures, the committee wished to define a slightly more conservative system based on established statistical principles. Olvin Steve Rosales Menjivar.

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Basic test and measurement procedures. Published in international. However, there will be a few situations where the concrete will be shown to conform to its specification, yet from a structural viewpoint be inadequate. Should the structure be shown to be inadequate with respect to strength, this does not automatically prove that the supplied concrete failed to satisfy its specification.

Currency display settings. American Industrial Hygiene Assn. Test lenses for calibration of focimeters.

BSI Standards PublicationBS - Guide to assessment of concrete strength in existing structures

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Spark-plugs and their cylinder head housings. The guidance supplied in this British Standard needs to be considered in the light of the specific situation and engineering judgement applied to the specific case.

BS - Guide to assessment of concrete strength in existing structures

Aerospace Industries Association. This uncertainty associated with a comparison can be minimized by having more than one determination of the excess voidage and taking the average value. The most direct method of assessing in-situ strength of concrete in a structural element is by core tests. Agree a reference element that is similar to the element under investigation. Determining the temperature history of the cores is the more difficult task and this is needed to determine the maturity of the cores when tested.

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Repeat with the element under investigation and in this case the mean value is denoted X s and the standard deviation as ss. Manage society memberships. In this case fis is equal to fis, cyl.

This has to be agreed on a case-by-case basis, but as general guidance, if a batch is used to produce multiple elements, e. In these situations, two test results are acceptable, as no attempt is being made to apply statistical techniques to these two results. American Welding Society, Inc. The assessment of compressive strength in old structures is an area where strict rules do not apply.

There are two uncertainties associated with the effect of excess voidage. Whether the value of in-situ characteristic strength so calculated should be used in a structural assessment depends upon the particular circumstances. If structural adequacy is being checked using British Standards of national origin, e. Method by analysis of evolved carbon dioxide.

The first is the estimate of excess voidage itself and it is often regarded as being subjective if it is done by comparison with the reference samples and not by measurement. In these cases, the results should be averaged to give a single result.

Codes and Standards Training, Inc. To follow the recommendation given in this subclause to have a minimum of four cores, this would require two cores to be taken at each location. The assessment of compressive strength in old structures is an area where fixed rules do not apply.

International Organization for Standardization. By applying the accepted statistical principles of hypothesis testing, this technique can be applied to any combination of data sets, but this general approach is not detailed in this standard.

Individual core results might not be representative of the concrete within the structure due to a number of reasons. In these circumstances at least four cores should be taken from a limited area of the structure to represent the concrete that is under investigation. They might have suffered damage that is not visible, contain excess voidage, reinforcing steel, etc. Association Connecting Electronics Industries.

Detail Summary View all details. Springer-Verlag New York, Inc. Determination of the ultimate anaerobic biodegradation of plastic materials in an aqueous system. This can be done using ultrasonic pulse velocity or rebound hammer data.

Prices subject to change without notice. Tests for colour fastness. The date referenced in the identifier is the date of the European Standard.

At the twenty test locations in the reference element measure the ultrasonic pulse velocity or the rebound hammer number. There is no simple factor for taking the effects of curing into account. The date referenced in the identifier is the date of the international standard. Synapse Information Resources, cutepdf writer command line Inc. World Scientific Publishing Co.

If rejected, the mean of the other core results should be taken as the mean in-situ strength. In some situations, it is appropriate to repeat the process to determine if there is more than one outlier. It ought to be noted that the corrected core strength does not include a correction for voidage as such a correction is inappropriate when determining characteristic in-situ strength.