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When composing a message, click the trackball. Lighting-Fast Connectivity. To access these items in the key store, you must type a key store password.

On a web page, highlight or pause on a link or picture. To pause recording, click the trackball. During the game, capsules fall from the bricks that you destroy. Your device does not delete saved messages.

Change the notification profile. Type a display name for the phone number. If you create multiple email message filters that could apply to the same email message, you must decide which one should be applied first by placing that filter higher in the list. Set the authentication certificate that your device should use to connect to the Wi-Fi network. In the device options, click Wi-Fi Connections.

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Page If necessary, type the user password that you use to connect to the Wi-Fi network. Also See for BlackBerry User manual - pages. User Guide BlackBerry Smartphone.

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BlackBerry Curve 8330 8320 8310 8300 Manual And User Guide PDF

Blackberry Curve 8320 User Manual

When you change your availability status to unavailable, you receive BlackBerry Messenger messages, but you are not notified. If necessary, click a category. Hide an application icon Depending on your theme, you might not be able to hide some application icons. Press the Volume Up key four times quickly. You can only check the spelling of text that you type.

In the phone, press the Menu key. Delete a media file You can only delete songs, ring tones, videos, or voice notes that you added.

If you are not in a wireless coverage area, your device should send messages when you return to a wireless coverage area. You can also set a snooze time for the alarm and adjust the alarm volume.

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You can only send media files that you added. You can also block all outgoing calls and all outgoing international calls, or you can block outgoing international calls only when your device roams to another wireless network.

During a BlackBerry Messenger conversation, click the trackball. In BlackBerry Messenger, during a conversation, press the Menu key. In BlackBerry Messenger, on the contact list screen, press the Menu key. In the User password field, forbidden archeology pdf change the user password.

If the task recurs, set the Recurrence field. In the bookmark list, highlight a bookmark. In the drop-down list, click a contact. Page Categories are shared between the address book, the task list, and the memo list and changes that you make in one application are made in all applications. For example, if your device is associated with a work email account and a personal email account, you might be able to view your work calendar and your personal calendar on your device.


In the application list, highlight an application icon. To increase the amount of available memory, try deleting items that you do not need from your device. When you delete a category, contacts, tasks, or memos in the category are not deleted.

To restore messages, set the Keep Messages field to a longer period of time. Page On your computer, verify that you are using the correct default code page and that the correct font support is installed on your computer. In a message list, press the Menu key.

You can also manage contacts, calendar entries, and tasks from the search results list. Contact Troubleshooting You can only synchronize the data in a custom address book field with a text field in the email application on your computer. To restore calendar entries, change the Keep Appointments field to a longer period of time. If you want to specify a recipient each time that you submit a report, do not set the default recipient. To stop tracking your movement, click the trackball.

BlackBerry Curve 8330 8320 8310 8300 Manual And User Guide PDF

Type part or all of a name for a song, ring tone, or video. Type the password information. To view the number of unopened messages again, set the Display Message Count field to Unread. Managing Media Files You can create both standard and automatic playlists for songs. To accept and send only data that is encrypted using bit encryption, change this field to Strong Only.

In the password keeper, highlight a password. Click Download Ring Tones. In the media application, click Pictures.

Highlight the phone number. Type a name for the custom address book field.

In a message list, highlight a date field. In a message, press the Menu key. To view the display name again, press Q.

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