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Each one is tethered to the part that it goes with like shown in the picture at the top of this post. Don't whack the bolts up too tight or you will compress the balsa core. That, or use the outboard tiller instead of the rudder to get to the ramp if you can. The total cost was half the price of the commercial version and in some ways, works even better.

Fore and aft bend

If you tighten the forward lower shrouds, you must check that the mast is still sideways straight. There is nothing to take the load beneath the deck for the aft lower chain plate, like a bulkhead, it is merely bolted to the deck and the cabin trunk side. Mark this on the rigging screw or the backstay tensioner. The midsection of the mast falls off to leeward. That starts with securing the mast and rigging for trailering.

Many cruising yachtsmen choose to trim their masthead rigs as straight as possible, but some mast bend is often beneficial. Wire rigging is made of many twisted strands. The upper shrouds and aft lower shrouds can stay connected.

Complete Shroud Tang List

Moving lower shroud chain plates

  • Only approximate values are given.
  • This is the main reason for why it is so important with correctly tensioned cap shrouds.
  • If the mast has distinct bends you should try to straighten them by sighting and hand tensioning.

Shrouds - The Suburban Ship Modeler

Single Clevis Tangs

Seld n - Hints and Advice by Marine Mega Store Ltd - Issuu

  1. Rig Tuning It is important to have a correctly trimmed rig.
  2. Boats with badly trimmed rigs are slower, point lower, heel more, make more leeway and may in addition be more difficult to steer.
  3. Fixed Strap Tangs Fixed Strap Tangs mount with multiple fasteners and are especially suitable for use in Upper Shroud applications as they allow no fore and aft movement.
  4. The Suburban Ship Modeler.
  5. If you stuck with me through it, I really appreciate it.
  6. You then tack again to check your adjustment.

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Or as suggested you can fit a plywood and fibreglass web to reinforce the deck where the chain plate is now fitted. The reason they were moved may have been to do with position of windows in the cabin side. In addition they are shaped to fit smoothly around the rig screw so sails, sheets or clothes are not easily caught by them. The channel should be just wide enough for the mast to sit into and the height a couple of inches. Finally, travis garland dating back up to the last hole on the upper and through the last hole on the lower deadeye.

The Bottom Line

Some tuning should sort it out. The placement is identical to mine, however mine looks like a smaller version of the aft chain plate on yours. From past posts I have read here it seems it is only good for stubbing your toe. First, your mast is longer and heavier than a C so I would always use the boom as a gin pole.

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With two sets of lower shrouds their relative tension will affect mast bend. Other experts assert that you should start form the top and continue downwards after you have done the Cap shrouds. But at this time you have checked and performed the final adjustments of the cap shrouds, so the problem must be elsewhere. Did I miss a version or year that didn't?

Easier to install than standard slotted Backing Plate Tangs, they require only a round hole not a slot in the Mast. The forward lowers should be tighter than the aft lowers, which should be quite loose before sail setting. Walk the mast aft and drop the mast foot into the mast step on top of the deck, keeping the mast in center line of boat, insert the pivot bolt and locking nut. All I need to put away are the two accessory cords.

You can set the mast rake angle pretty close with the adjustment holes in the lever and then fine tune it either with a backstay turnbuckle or with an adjustable backstay. Use the main halyard to estimate mast bend. Backstay tensioned to maximum mark.

E35-2 lower shrouds

It is a simple, standard single spreader rig, with two lower shrouds fore and aft and an upper shroud that is swept and attached alongside the lower aft. Mainsheet Tangs Mainsheet Tangs mount on a single bolt through the Boom End casting, for use in end boom sheeting applications. Normally used in conjunction with a single bolt Shroud Tang. The intermediate is adjusted at the lowermost spreaders A. Do you use your mainsheet tackle when lowering?

Without prestressing the windward shroud woul have taken the whole load and the leeward shroud woul be totally slack. Appreciate your reply Stingy. The author and publisher make no representations or warranties, express or implied, flirt mit einer of any type whatsoever. Only the tie down in the center is different. Wire has the advantage of an early warning of fatigue when a strand breaks.

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Start by tying a knot in one end of the lanyard line. On the image you've just posted, teltow single it looks like the spreader socket may be mounted backwards. Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The main sheet or the boom vang typically multiplies the force applied to it by four times.

Quit Spending Setup Time on Turnbuckles

The pull of the backstay will in addition pull the masthead even more to leeward when the wind picks up. The other ends of the cords have loops tied into them that I tie to the upper ends of the midship lifeline stanchions with girth cow hitches. After a long wait, a pair of new levers came up on eBay and I added them to my rig.

Angle the aft edge of the end of the mast so that it will rotate without binding in both directions. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. They occasionally come up on eBay for a fraction of retail price but you have to be patient. Tying the baby stays to the stanchion bases would be more solid but then their pivot points would be too low.

How to tune your rig
Moving lower shroud chain plates

Fractional rig with aft swept spreaders without runners. Notify me of new posts via email. It's not exactly clear to me what the lowers are for. You must therefore regularly re-check the rig.

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E35-2 lower shrouds

If you have the tools and the ambition, single treffen stade you could replace your existing tabernacle with a custom made pivoting one. The system I use relies on a small right angle bracket. The runners have the same function as the backstay on a masthead rig.

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