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If you hook up electrical wiring incorrectly, you may instantly learn a very expensive lesson. Install one camshaft sprocket pilot bolt in each camshaft and tighten to inch lbs.

Free Saturn SL1 Repair Manual PDF Download Best Repair Manual Download

Do not start the engine until the camshafts are timed. Then, install the motor mounts. Install the camshaft cover and gasket using the washers and fasteners. Disconnect the spark plug wires from the plugs. Carefully lift the powertrain and cradle into position.

After loosening the four motor mount bolts, pry the mount away from the engine block for better clearance. It is virtually impossible to list each individual wire and hose which must be disconnected, simply because so many different model and engine combinations have been manufactured.

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Disconnect the following automatic or manual transaxle electrical connectors. For manual transaxles only, the reverse light switch. After the engine is clear of the compartment, place it on an engine stand or workbench. Separate the motor from the shroud. Use a dial indicator to measure camshaft run-out at the center journal Fig.

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Place a powertrain support dolly under the cradle. If equipped with an automatic transaxle, disconnect and plug the lower transaxle cooler line. Disconnect the fasteners and carefully lower the splash shield from the vehicle Fig. Tighten the steering knuckle-to-strut attachment bolts to ft.

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Free 1997 Saturn SL1 Repair Manual PDF Download

Failure to do this can ruin the transaxle, bidan.pdf requiring very expensive repairs. Backyard repair of some components is just not practical. Repair implies that something has broken or is not working. Disconnect the automatic transaxle shifter cable or the manual shifter cables from the transaxle.

Saturn SL Workshop manual PDF

Again, keep the compressor lines attached and do not discharge the system. Make sure the L-shaped brackets do not pinch the radiator locating pins Fig. When disconnected, position the electrical harness over the underhood junction block and battery cover.

Free Saturn SL1 Repair Manual PDF Download Best Repair Manual Download

Thoroughly clean the gasket mating surfaces, being careful not to score or damage the aluminum surface. On models, using a backup wrench, disconnect the steel fuel supply and return lines from the throttle body unit.

Pull it back out to make sure it's clean and threading properly. Carefully lift the engine off the cradle. Add engine oil and properly fill the engine cooling system.

Tighten the left-hand threaded fan nut to inch lbs. If installing a new radiator on models, make sure the drain housing is in position.

This guide will not explain such things as rebuilding a differential, for the simple reason that the expertise required and the investment in special tools make this task uneconomical. Label and disconnect the following vacuum hoses, as applicable, from the area around the cylinder head assembly. Keep the alternator output stud from rotating by holding it secure with a wrench. Failure to follow the proper sequence or removal of the head when hot could result in head warpage or cracking. Then, start the bolt, spark plug, etc.

You don't need to know the official or engineering name for each hose or line. Don't put a wrench on the part until it's been tightened a couple of turns by hand. Lift the engine slightly as necessary for removal. Tighten the lug nuts, in a crisscross pattern, to ft.

Lift the intake manifold up and out of the vehicle Fig. When performing the following tests, inspect the serpentine accessory drive belt to make sure it is properly tensioned. Be sure to properly position the jackstands.

Tighten the knock sensor to inch lbs. Use a feeler gauge to measure the clearance between the both rotor tips.

Connect the coolant hose, the de-aeration line and clamps, then install the manifold support bracket bolt. Disconnect the de-aeration line from the cylinder head outlet located at one end of the cover and from the support bracket.

Connect thepositive, then the negative battery cable, start the engine and check for leaks. Use the tool to draw the seal into position.

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Verify that all necessary components are disconnected and free before complete removal. Install a new O-ring and position the housing to the engine.