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Since the consultants are normally selected according to their proposed staffing, the actual list of professional staff is attached in the appendix. The standard contract documents are usually prepared by the respective professional bodies for use by their members e. Professional ethics are established to codify those standards of ethical behaviour which members of a professional organization must adhere to. Pragmatic and self-interest concerns are always present in practice but our main obligation should always be to our client, users of the buildings as well as the general public. Therefore, it is good practice to promptly submit bills, not able to pdf files from internet explorer maintain excellent records of all transactions and keep sending polite reminders.

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The primary purpose of the breakup is to allow development to take place on the land e. Can also ask contractor to carry out tests to determine if the works are as per specifications. Lately, consumer oriented laws are, however, forcing trades-people in western countries to be more honest and accountable.

The more important, complex or specialized the work, the higher the marks allotted. The opening part of the document is a form of agreement where the date of agreement, names of the client and the consultant, the name of the project and the guaranteeing government is identified.

Many firms tend to compensate for their lack technical competence by proposing low fees. Specifications are of two types, method specification and performance specification. Building can now withstand year storm. Individual plots of irregular shapes and sizes without proper access and infrastructure are being created without regard to any city development plans or planning rules and standards.

For the lump sum fees, payment is made as per agreed percentage of total sum according to completion of different stages of completion of the project e. The subject of ethics is best left to the philosophers as it is very difficult to come to specific terms.

Professional practice in it pdf

Because of this persistent problem of overvaluing of financial proposals by the consultants, the World Bank had initiated a single envelope system to replace the two- envelope system. The Commencement date is also fixed in number of days from the day the client gives notice to proceed with the work. The criteria depends on the nature of the project, funding sources, geographical area, work volume etc. Article V deals with the undertaking of the consultant. The qualification information is used to determine whether a contractor qualifies for the work before his bid is opened.

Changes to the Construction Contract Changes in the construction contract are quite common due to problems in the drawings, specifications, site conditions, weather, acts of God etc. Although a contract is not generally necessary for employees, a statement of the terms of employment should be provided.

Professional Practice Compiled

These are man-month or time-based fees, lump-sum fees, percentage fees or cost plus fixed-fee. In such a case, the firms are often asked to enter into joint venture with a more established and experienced firm. Construction Supervision The architect has the authority to ascertain that works are being undertaken as per the contract.

Professional practice in it pdfProfessional practice in it pdf

Settlement of Disputes Disputes to be settled under arbitration rules and procedures of Nepal. Popular in Human Activities. Land subdivision is the act of breaking up a piece of land into separate parcels. Citicorp released bland press release.

Architect's Handbook of Practice Management. The cover page states the country, loan number, the name of the project, names of the client and the consultant and the date of agreement. It is simple to administer and the advantage to the consultant is that fees automatically increase as the cost increases. How is a profession different from a trade or an occupation, which also form associations to monitor and regulate their work e.

Zoning needs to be consistent with the comprehensive plan of the municipality. The regulations also require that the existing utilities local streets, sewers, water mains etc. The zoning regulations specify the permitted uses, the bulk of the buildings, set-backs and other requirements in each of the zones. Needs to have diligent self-policing of incompetence as well as of intentional misconduct and abuse. Drawings should be coded and the names should not be disclosed until the awards have been finalized.

Agreement on new arrangement if not provided. As a result they are overworked and underpaid. This is done with bad intentions and made known to certain contractors so they can outbid others by quoting unrealistically low or high prices for these items. The code of ethics calls for the obligation of its members to obey the law.

However, when an architect faces financial ruin and loss of firm, practical ethics may cause him to deviate from strict adherence to the code. Zoning is the division of the city into different zones in order to regulate the use of private land. Qualified welders hired to conduct welding after office hours throughout the night.

Local implementing agencies are generally not involved in such selection procedures, but they are informed of the ongoing progress. Conditions of Particular Applications. However, care must be taken to keep the cost fairly accurate. In this system the financial proposals are opened along with the technical proposals and are also included in the evaluation of the firms. Thus mode of payment, payment amount or percentage etc.

If work held up by such firms, consultant entitled to time extension and proportional remuneration. Social costs are additional costs the consultant has to pay to his staff because of legislation, work agreements of established practice. However, this procedure is very common among private clients who are not bound by any such legal provisions. More accurate concept of the actual fees to be charged can be developed as the consultant gains more experience and knowledge over the years.

Professional Practice Compiled

Client to compensate for any unrecovered cost of taxes, duties etc. The consultants are relieved as soon as the work is complete and without them, the firms are incapable of undertaking similar works in the future. Until and unless it has been determined that the contract of an architect has been terminated in a fair and proper manner, no attempt should be made to supplant that architect. While evaluating the firms, they must be checked whether they are linked to any contractors or manufacturers. Preparation of Short List of Consultants The consultants included in the long list are allotted scores according to the criteria prepared earlier.

These are generally appended to the general conditions in the other model agreements. It is often very difficult to deny clients when they request to take the sketches to discuss with family and friends. Client to provide counterpart staff as listed in Appendix C. When delay occurs in provision of equipment, if notified, consultant will be entitled to appropriate time extension and adjustment in remuneration.

Nonetheless, almost all the clauses of the agreement are similar. Except for any outstanding disputes, the contract between the client and the contractor is deemed to have ended. Works are to be carried out by them but if replacement is necessary, the person should be of equal or better qualifications. Preparation of a project brief to be distributed to prospective competitors. In many instances architects face difficulty in receiving timely payments, putting him into financial crises and completely disrupting his plans.

During pre- qualification, the pre-qualified contractors are identified and their number is limited, making it easier for them to collude in their bids. Will decide contractual matters between client and contractor fairly and impartially. Unlike in the other models the article states that the architect has proprietary rights over the documents, not the client.

It is normally done to permit the transfer of the subdivided parcels to someone other than the owner of the original land. If an architect is found to have breached the code of conduct, the Council can investigate the matter and either reprimand or suspend the architect. Zoning is also closely related subdivision regulations.

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Professional practice in it pdf