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This feature allows you to call and run FlipCreator from command line or event from your own application. It provides the customers with unmatched reliability and security. Boxoft Office to Flipbook Pro. For the image, you can set for pop up image slideshow, also you can add link to show customer YouTube videos of your products. The hyperlinks of the original files can be well retained.

It is with unlimited storage for any users who can delivers locally and reaches globally. Choose an animated Assistant to tell your story book for your reader. We all desire happiness and health but one should not equate wealth with happiness. In happiness themes we will show you three warm and sweet pictures about love and happiness.

Readers can print single and multiple pages of your digital edition. Users are able to customize the upload directory, file folder easily.

Congratulations for your software FlipCreator. Free page flip software supports you to share gorgeous flipping book online with social share function. My software You have not saved any software. The first theme is a cute cat staying on the trousers. Tons of Advanced Features details.

Add a slideshow to a page from multiple images is easy. Export and save settings for future use. Google Analytics for visits of your online publication. Add Minime style to display flip books without the toolbar. You and your readers can e-mail the digital edition to friends, customers and business associates.

Every business can get more from their documents

Every business can get more from their documents

With the development of science and technology, page flipping eBook are more and more popular. Download, Print, chip carving design & pattern sourcebook pdf Fullscreen and Pageoverview controls.

You can finish a publishing of digital publicaiton using command line. Call Javacript, add notes, highlight a specific area, set print area.

The flip book will work only on your websites. With it, you can create as many interactive online flipbooks as you wish for your own company or for your clients, and all features are included. Highlighting can turn a large chunk of text into a short, descriptive summary.

Support online and offline reading. We've incorporated actionable analytic tools in order to capture the click and audience visit data. Social media integration with facebook, twitter.

Optimized for x resolution, your readers will get the best experience and avoid scrolling to see complete layout. Besides, the multiple supported original files in importation and the various outputting formats will let you be more confident in your presentation. Learn more about add bookmark on flipbook. The powerful page editing functions allows you to embed videos, images, audio, hyperlinks, and more multimedia objects to flipping pages. The pumpkin lantern, scary story and the wonderful dress are the wonderful part of the Halloween.

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Just download the World Map themes to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Next, we will show you the difference of four user types. We reserve the right to raise price for later versions, but you don't need to pay one cent for upgrading. How to add online flipbook scenes? Intuitive, easy to use and produces beautiful online magazines with a robust interface.

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The code of Google Analytics can be embedded to each book and all statistics will be available from your Google Analytics account live. Learn more about add security to flipbook. As we all know that Halloween is a traditional festival.

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You can add video files inside your publication pages. Save on paper and mailing costs. With flexible output options, the flipping book can be viewed online and offline simply. This might be hard to believe but buying flipbook creator not only gets you the latest version but all future flipbook creator updates free. All you need to do is publish it on different devices.

Customize the appearance of flipping book with ease Selecting different templates the page flipping book will has different appearance. This mode displays only the current page on-screen and does not show page-flipping effect. We do anything possible to ensure the greatest audience and share you these real time statistics and reports. Save themes for later use.

Now let us explain more details about the artistic themes for you. And you don't even need programming experience. Add Copyright Settings to include your brand logo, introduce your company, or provide contact information. Even when your creative juices are not flowing, FlipBook Creator can still help you produce an amazing flipbook.

Give your PDFs real powers

Change LanguageSettings to accomodate your readers who require a different language. Would recommend this program to anyone.

Easily manage the uploaded flipbooks on the FlippageMaker Online server. For addition of your presentation, you can choose place to add links, image and YouTube or Vimeo videos in your flipping books to help you to perfectly finish the speech or task. Flipbook Creator integrates BookShelf tool which could be the best tool to help you build digital library to store and manage eBooks. You can customize the logo, website and company name to rebrand the flipbook.

FlipBook Creator will protect your Flip Book publication with several layers of security, from simple passwords and encryption, to restricting them to be displayed only on specific websites. It can become a reality by sharing them with social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Also, you can add advanced action on multimedia. For each publication you can add a separated sound file in.

And it is an effective way to enhance the web site popularity. You could also email them with only simple clicks. Allows you to insert any image directly on the background of your edition.