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Face Reading - Guide and Techniques for Facial Reading

The outer is the helix while the inner is auricular. People with heart face shapes are deep thinkers, and very philosophical with strong ideals.

Learn face reading (Physiognomy or personology)

Learn face reading Physiognomy or personology By M. Through face reading, we can learn many things, such as fate, character, future and fortune, principles of toxicity evaluations pdf about someone we meet at the first time. You will be able to learn about their relationship with their parents when you do a forehead reading.


These universal expressions include joy, surprise, contempt, sadness, anger, disgust, and fear. Each type of face reveals different characteristics. They look for your opinion to form their own. Chinese face readers believe that black spots or cross lines in this area are indications of health issues or problems with their spouse. If you aren't paying close attention to the face, you may miss the real emotion this person is feeling.

To read faces, start by learning to identify the seven basic emotions of happiness, sadness, surprise, fear, disgust, anger, and contempt. If a person is expressing these feelings through a macroexpression, they are most likely attempting to get you to respond to their emotion. When thrown into a professional endeavor, you'll have a better understanding of your co-workers and clientele.

To begin with, they will often make prolonged eye contact and may blush when looking at you. First of all, you need to know the age point of each part. Thank you for refreshing my knowledge. In fact, a recent study showed that men with a wide face tend to feel more powerful.

The wrinkling of the forehead works in tandem with the eyebrows. So, if you want a full, in-depth face reading, then contact professional face reading astrology experts.

Face Reading FOREHEAD

Face Reading FOREHEADLearn face reading (Physiognomy or personology)

Learn how to read faces and personalities with this simple face reading guide. Read The Face and Its Age Points to find out in which ages you will be doing well and in which ages doing badly. They are true pioneers, even if their ideas can be a bit irrational at times.

Chinese Face Reading

You'll have to pay close attention, however, as slight shifts in facial expressions can represent vastly different feelings. The scientists from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee also noticed that men with this characteristic had a tendency to lie more in business in order to make more money. How i became a dot com millionaire The ultimate guide to making money from the internet. Any shifting in their eyes may suggest that they are lying. According to face readers, men and women with this face shape are very optimistic, kind, caring, and sensitive, and seek stable and long-term relationships.

Face Reading Free Chinese Physiognomy Techniques to Know Personality

Pay special attention to how the eyes and eyebrows form these emotions as they are the most suggestive parts of the face. The number on face means the age. Very clear, the pictures made me want to keep reading.

Facial Lines and Wrinkles. Help answer questions Learn more. Learned to pay attention to muscles on the corners of mouth and the chin. Pair emotions with body language. Fear always comes from an external threat, while anxiety is generated from within.

An often exciting emotion, surprise can be characterized by wide open eyes and an open gaping mouth. When a person begins to speak, their lips will part slightly. The only thing they need to control in order to be successful is their fiery temper! So, what do face readers say about the eyes?

More success stories All success stories Hide success stories. How to control people's minds Course. Angry people tend to avoid conversation, eye contact or interest.

Face Reading Free Chinese Physiognomy Techniques to Know Personality


If a person is being honest, they'll be able to hold solid eye contact with you. If they're standing tall with their shoulders back, this person feels comfortable in their body. Face readers have noticed that a person with a triangle face shape is like an open book, and never keeps grudges inside.

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