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This Crown Warranty is not extended by the length of time which you are deprived of the use of the new Crown product. Or, if you prefer, you may prepay the cost of shipping, sample eob pdf and Crown will reimburse you. This Crown Warranty is in effect only for failure of a new Crown product which occurred within the Warranty Period.

CROWN CTs Power AmplifierCrown CTS 600 Architectural & Engineering Specifications

Crown CTS 600 Architectural & Engineering Specifications

Never connect the output to a power supply, battery or power main. Do not block the ventilation grilles. Il y a trois trous de montage dans la base du support.

Do not operate the amplifier with less than the rated load impedance. Failure to follow all safety precautions and instructions may result in property damage, serious injury, or possible death to you or others. To obtain information in another language about the use of this product, please contact your local. To set a preset, select the zones desired for the preset by pressing and releasing the appropriate zone button.

We strongly recommend you read all instructions, warnings and cautions contained in this manual. Es importante seguir todas las instrucciones enviadas con los productos.

People may not hear or heed your messages. Effectiveness of explosion-proof enclosure must be maintained. Ignoring this warning may result in extensive damage to the unit and the cabinet.

Improper wiring can result in serious operating difficulties. The lightning bolt triangle is used to alert the user to the risk of electric shock.

Crown CTs Amplifier with PIP-USP4/CNCrown CTs Manuals and User Guides Amplifier Manuals

After installation is complete, be sure to test the system to verify that each speaker operates satisfactorily. Ambos altoparlantes son fabricados de aluminio centrifugado. It does not cover every aspect of installation, setup or operation that might occur under every condition. The selection of the mounting location for the device, its controls and the routing of the wiring is to be accomplished under the direction of the facilities and the safety engineer. Hardware for mounting the speaker shall be provided by the installer.

Modern power amplifiers are sophisticated pieces of engineering capable of producing extremely high power levels. Reposicione el proyector si es necesario para obtener la cobertura de sonido deseada. More Print this page Share this page.

Only one preset may be selected for a message. Please note that there is no provision for paralleling the outputs to obtain a single high-powered volt constant voltage output. Be sure to describe the conditions that existed when the problem occurred and what attempts were made to correct it. Turn up the level of your audio source to an optimum level.

Crown CTs 600 Amplifier with PIP-USP4/CN overview

There is an all call button that selects all zones. To reduce possibility of explosion, housing cover. Commands entered via the telephone key pad allow the user to send a message to specified zones.

Crown CTs Manuals and User Guides Amplifier Manuals

Tighten the screws to insure that the wires are firmly held in place. When using an equipment rack, mount units directly on top of each other. Connect each channel of output connectors to speakers that have the appropriate transformers. Install the conduit connection. Reinstale la tapa de la caja y prueba el sistema nuevamente.

Los accesorios para montar el altavoz en la superficie corren por cuenta del instalador. Connectez les fils du haut-parleur aux fils de sortie du haut-parleur. Slide cover to left or right, then pull it off away from the amplifier. Other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Speaker Connectors One four-pole touch-proof terminal strip. Turn down the level of your audio source to its normal range. No sound, even though the amp has power. It is important that you have your copy of the bill of sale as your proof of purchase. Before use, your amplifier first must be configured for proper operation, including input and output wiring hookup.

The zero indicates you are about to select a preset Bank and preset number. Whatever modes were active before phone operation will return when the phone message is complete.