Cantilever Beam Design.pdf

Element Types window opens. The steel required for the above is less than that for the inclined plane i. The graph result is shown in image below.

Select suitable profile of the soffit of the girders and find the depths at different sections of the girders. Appropriate impact allowance should also be made in the evaluation of the live load moments. The depths at other sections may be known if the variation of the top and bottom profiles are known. However, this is not realistic for large deflections.

The evaluation of live load moment at the centre of anchor span is shown below as an illustration. The additional depth at support is achieved by providing haunches either straight or segmental near the supports. Viewing the results you may wish to view time history results such as the deflection of the object and the step sizes of the load.

Cantilever beam design.pdf

This post will deal specifically with Geometric Non-linearities. Beyond the neck, the inclined bars provided for resisting the pull and the moment will not be effective and therefore, additional bars are required to be provided. Add Time-History Variable window opens. The typical nature of shear force diagram for dead load, live load etc. The shear in the vertical plane will be less than before and the reinforcement already provided for the plane of maximum stress will be sufficient.

By default, all of the solution items are written at the end of each load step. The moments for other sections are to be calculated in the similar way. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Cantilever beam design.pdf

Decide span lengths and assume rough sections of the main girders at important sections such as end support, intermediate support, mid span etc. Class R load will not produce worse effect. It is needless to mention that the reversal of nature of moments near the mid span section may occur in continuous structures also and proper care should be taken against this possibilities. To solve this problem, the load will added incrementally. Sometimes the full span length is covered by the parabolic soffit profile as shown in Fig.

The top and bottom of the girders are provided with curved profiles and therefore, haunch correction is necessary. The shears obtained above are uncorrected shears and hence are to be corrected. Change Title window opens. In calculating the positive moment at mid section of anchor span due to footway loading, only the anchor span will be assumed to be loaded with footway loading.

List Nodal Solution window opens. Library of Element Types window opens. Parabolic soffit profile is generally preferred to straight or segmental haunches from aesthetic point of view. This statement is further clarified in the following paragraph.

On the other hand, the cantilever and the suspended span will be loaded for negative moment at the section. It is interesting to note from the influence line diagrams for cantilever arm that the load on the main span has no effect either on the moment or on the shear of the cantilever section. Balanced cantilever bridges are combination of the simply supported and continuous structures. The cross beam or diaphragm load shall be taken as concentrated load. The superstructures may be of solid slab, T-beam and slab, html multiple choice questions pdf hollow box girder etc.

Cantilever beam design.pdf

Distributing the Load of Bridges over the Girders. New Analysis window opens. Hence shear reinforcement is required. Element Sizes on All Selected Lines window opens.

Give brief outlines for calculating the bending moments and shear forces and draw the bending moment and shear force diagrams. The depths of the main girders over abutments and pier are assumed tentatively as shown in Fig. For bridging smaller channels, usually one central longer span with two shorter end spans of the types as shown in Fig.


Define Nodal Data window opens. The following will appear on your screan for NonLinear Analyses.

After each increment, the stiffness matrix will be adjusted before increasing the load. The live load shears for other sections also may be obtained in the above manner. For maximum positive and negative moment at mid section of anchor span, the position of single lane of Class A load will be as shown in Fig.

Defined Time-History Variables window opens. It has been observed that the moment at support is greater than that at mid-span and therefore, the depth required at support is more than the same at mid-span.

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This command controls the solution data written to the database. To these values, the moments due to footway loading should also be added. The influence line diagrams for moment and shear for the mid section of main span are illustrated in Fig. Create Straight Line window opens. As you recall, the load was applied in steps.

Cantilever beam design.pdf

If necessary, provide shear reinforcement. In calculating shear forces at different sections, it is necessary to account for the correction due to haunches. Condition during construction period without the suspended span. The udl due to deck slab, soffit slab, wearing course, wheel guard, railings and railing posts etc.

Cantilever beam design.pdf