Backbone single view multiple models, backbone interaction

Backbone interaction
  • Reload to refresh your session.
  • SimpleMembershipProvider WebSecurity.
  • This should be overridden in most cases.
  • Bind an event to a callback function.
  • Private method to reset all internal state.

Now we don't need renderOne in BookView at all, you can bind render to the appropriate event. Meanwhile I have a hacked solution. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. Add a route to be tested when the fragment changes. Destroy this model on the server if it was already persisted.

Note that we're extending Backbone. Convert a route string into a regular expression, suitable for matching against the current location hash. Underscore methods that we want to implement on the Model, mapped to the number of arguments they take. That means that you are creating accidental globals all over the place and that's never a good idea. BabySitter documentation for more information.

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Backbone.js Multiple Models

Otherwise, check if the model will be valid when the attributes, if any, older dating in are set. You'll have to search the collection for the model's id. Refer to the Backbone-relational documentation for more information.

We have to reverse the order of the routes here to support behavior where the most general routes can be defined at the bottom of the route map. The default implementation is just to pass it through. Update your parse method to pull out the values as an array from the response into an array and it'll work. Should I call it a formatter? If you specify an attribute name, partnersuche weiz determine if that attribute has changed.

Backbone single view multiple models

Save the previous value of the Backbone variable, so that it can be restored later on, if noConflict is used. Inversion-of-control versions of on. Also I am not sure if having a view for each loaded model will not cause any memory issues asuuming I have an infinite scroll implemented which keeps on loading the list of Books. Internal method called every time a model in the set fires an event. Offs a callback or several.

Collection of unrelated Models in Backbone

CollectionView For demos see the Backbone. The default model for a collection is just a Backbone. Backbone datatypes - type casting?

This might be a single item, an entire list, a sidebar or panel, or even the surrounding frame which wraps your whole app. Supports single and multiple selection through meta-key and shift clicks. Although the view renders a collection and not a single model, we attach the collection object to the this. The CollectionView is automatically re-rendered if necessary. Usually these models are related and those relationships will dictate the view structure.

Collection of unrelated Models in Backbone

  1. We use it to instantiate a MessageView view, like we did in the router for the ThreadView.
  2. Note that the thread template doesn't attempt to represent the thread's messages.
  3. Email Required, but never shown.
Defining the models
Initial Setup

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Then, if the model changes, re-rendering function will be automatically called. The reason you don't see any items is that the items aren't actually in the collection until after the view is rendered. The main difference is that Backbone-relational has already retreived the messages data, so we don't need to fetch it. It allows to add new message objects to the database - this will come handy when you'll be visiting a given thread and will want to post a reply to the initial post. When the router calls thread.

We use self instead of window for WebWorker support. Clears all callbacks previously bound to the view by delegateEvents. Force the collection to re-sort itself. Helper function to correctly set up the prototype chain for subclasses.


Routes added later may override previous routes. In addition, it is fired after rendering and sorting. Bind all defined routes to Backbone. However, when I recently started to learn about Backbone, I realized it doesn't help to handle relationships between models.

Well, not exactly as I have customized it for my needs. Backbone uses jQuery on method event delegation syntax for binding the events handlers behind the scenes. Trigger one or many events, firing all bound callbacks. NewUser class, you can get the prototype via View.

Sample Usage

Defining the models We're defining two models, Thread and Message, a Thread being able to contain multiple Messages. If multiple events are passed in using the space-separated syntax, the handler will fire once for each event, frau sucht not once for a combination of all events. Only applies if selectMultiple is set. The prefix is used to create the client id which is used to identify models locally. The response must be an array.

The output will be thrown away. Always use var to declare variables so that you can control the scope. Method for checking whether an object should be considered a model for the purposes of adding to the collection. You might end up needing to change this implementation down the line, which is going to have pretty high impact.

Have a question about this project? Your problem is that you are referencing a collection items in your template but you aren't passing that in to your template. Is the documentation helpful? Uses event delegation for efficiency.

Backbone interaction

For demos see the Backbone. Whenever in doubt, don't hesitate to dig in. If a duplicate is found, prevent it from being added and optionally merge it into the existing model.

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