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Alex Ferguson My Autobiography by Alex Ferguson (ebook)

What It is fair to start this review by saying I am a huge Manchester United fan so for me this book has a special feel. When he is still a manager of Manchester United, he never spoke anything negative about his players. Must-read for United fans and neutrals alike.

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The book details certain players and events in Sir Alex's managerial career. Honest assessment of Alex Ferguson's time in charge at Manchester United. Alex drops names and flits from one character to another with such frequency that all we get is a tantalising insight into these characters. The book highlights Ferguson's ability to evolve with time and adapt to change while maintaining absolute control at the organization. Ferguson also reveals an unsurprising interest in reading the biographies of dictators and despots.

Can he really make us believe that he doesn't hound referees? Mengapa kubilang urutannya suka-suka? Mirren before a highly successful period as manager of Aberdeen.

My Autobiography Popular Colection. Without doubt, this is one of the best books I've ever read. He wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth nor is he silver tongued.

Also, having read Roy Keane's autobiography which covers some of the same period, rtl8139d pdf I'd read one side of some of the incidents. The autobiography of the legendary Manchester.

Alex Ferguson My Autobiography by Alex Ferguson

When Scholes and Keane were in our team, Gerrard seldom had a kick against us. To start with, he admits, grudgingly, that he got lucky with the timing of his appointment. Most of the chapters were written not about a time of life, but about players, Ronaldo, Beckham, Rooney, van Nistelrooy. Following all the publicity surrounding the book and the chapters relating to Beckham and Roy Keane, I looked forward to an interesting story.

Although not chronological this is a fascinating insight to one of the most successful mangers ever. Whether you admire or despise the man, this is indeed a good read.

This book has been well quoted in the media. Never a dull moment, the whole season.

In the end, Fergie even got away with a story, later revealed to be concocted, about how Rooney wanted to leave, for the second time, at the end of that season. He adapted to circumstances and opponents and matched the playing style to the players at his disposal. United always claimed they had a file tucked in a drawer somewhere with plans for the succession.

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The same group withered away, and many have been offloaded for not being good enough since Fergie left. In today's relentless news cycle let's hope David Moyes is afforded the same patience. Being a huge Manchester United fan I was always going to be buying this book as I've been looking forward to it for some time. There was no chronological order to the chapters or the events in them. However whilst I have been critical of the disorganised state of the book, the chapters, if at times mistitled, were written well and were interesting.

Open Preview See a Problem? Untung akhirnya ada van der Sar. The stories in this book are really surprising. He had some good principles that informed his management style and gave his players a structure that was conducive to getting the best out of his team.

Can we really believe that he kicked a boot that happened to land on Beckham's eye? It was directly due to his vision, energy and ability that he was able to build teams both on and off the pitch.

Does the electronic version of the book completely replace the paper version? Ferguson managed East Stirlingshire and St. My problems with the book however were to do with how disjoi I'm finding it very hard to find the words to review this book.

Alex Ferguson My Autobiography by Alex Ferguson

Whether they prosper remains to be seen. He is manager of the arguably the greatest footballing institution in the world.

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